Who needs monkeys typing?

This page is for building alphametics... my database contains >24000 english words, filtered by word type so this page can not only find words but automatically build (syntactically, though not necesarily gramatically or logically, correct) "sentences"!

Enableing over 3.6 billion three word possibilities
- The automaticaluy generated sentences go from 3 to 9 words
...Enableing over a decillion alphametics! (not sure how to calculate the ones that have >10 letters, and logs show about 90% would have shorter sums than the longest addend, and only about 10% of the remaining would have solutions) most of my calculations point to roughly a quintillion legit puzzles! - but multiply that by infinity if I tried useing monkeys!

Fill any 10 letters into the form (leaving one for zero) for best results

reserved for zero:
pronouns nouns verbs adverbs aux verbs
adjectives prepositions determinates conjunctions values